More people in Shipston than ever before will be able to pay their respects on Remembrance Sunday thanks to a giant screen which will broadcast the service live.

Usually, only those in St Edmund’s Church can observe the service but now Shipston Town Council have hired a big screen to ensure no one misses out.

Town mayor Councillor Ian Cooper said: “For a long time, the church and the Shipston branch of the Royal British Legion did not realise how many people gathered on Church Street while the service was happening.

“And some others know that the church fills up quickly, so understandably feel that there may not be room for them.

“For those that do come out, they are standing waiting for the service to end for the parade back to the High Street.

“The big screen is a great way to get people back out onto the streets and enable them to pay their respects in a more meaningful way.”

Mike Wells, chairman of the Shipston branch of the Royal British Legion, added: “Having a screen like this and getting more people involved in Remembrance Sunday in Shipston is hugely important.

“We did not appreciate just how many people in Shipston gathered on Church Street while the service was going on, so it’s fantastic that the town has funding for a big screen so they can view the service properly.

“Shipston is a growing town, and we will need to find new ways of involving everyone who wants to take part in remembrance. The big screen is a great first step in doing that.”

The screen will be temporarily installed on the High Street, where the parade will march down on the day, with funding provided through the Welcome Back Fund from the European Regional Development Fund money through the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The programme is managed by Shakespeare's England on behalf of Stratford District Council.

Glyn Slade, Welcome Back event manager from Shakespeare’s England, said: “Shipston hiring the big screen for its Remembrance Sunday service this year is exactly what the Welcome Back Fund was designed for.

“It will attract Shipston’s residents onto their High Street, and involves more of the town in such an important annual event.”