The Beckhams, who live in Great Tew, have been given the green-light to build a new office with space to store quad bikes on one condition - they must protect bats and birds.

Approving the application, planners at West Oxfordshire District Council said: “Before the erection of any external walls, details of the provision of at least one integrated bat box and at least one integrated bird box within the walls of the new building shall be submitted to the local planning authority for approval."

The building, which replaces an old outbuilding, will be designed with a traditional gabled form.

It will be made using a timber post and beam frames with pillars supported on staddle stones. 

Buggies and quad bikes are listed as examples of the vehicles and garden machinery that would be stored.

England footballer David and fashion designer wife Victoria must "ensure that bats, birds, badgers, hedgehogs, reptiles and amphibians are protected in accordance with The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981."

They are also prohibited from installing any outdoor fixtures which "would directly illuminate the bat box or the hedge-row without prior approval to protect roosting, foraging or community bats.”

The family own a Grade II listed converted barn estimated to be worth £6.15million with a newly created lake near Soho Farmhouse.

Their home includes a huge football pitch and spectator stand, enormous garage plus a sauna, wine cellar and plunge pool.

It was recently revealed the couple had installed a £7,000 state-of-the-art ice cream machine, which recreates frozen treats from the American fast food chain Wendy’s.