Sunflower fields have returned to Cotswold farm.

The popular sunflower field opened at Cotswold Farm Park on Tuesday August 24 and will be free to enter for all visitors and campsite guests until Sunday September 5.

Tickets for the field-only are also available and dogs are welcome too.

The event is said to be one of the farms most anticipated and offers the “perfect setting for summer snaps and happy memories”.

Guests are encouraged to share their photos of the field using the hashtag Cotswoldsunflowers.

Visitors will also be take some of the farm with them as pre-cut stems of the sunflowers will be available from the shop.

Cotswold Farm Park is an award-winning attraction on the outskirts of Guiting Power, Gloucestershire and is run by farmer and TV presenter Adam Henson, who has worked on such shows as Countryfile and Lambing Live as well as numerous radio shows.

The farm prides itself on preserving rare breed farm animals and using sustainable methods to deliver the best of British farming.

Check out some of the best photos from the opening day above.