A new exhibit showcasing the evolution of women’s fashion has arrived at Sudeley castle.

The Changes in Ladies Costume from 1066-1980 was put together by costume creator Lisa Jayne Smith and will be on show until Tuesday August 31.

The exhibit features 74 barbie dolls “immaculately dressed in exquisite, hand-made costumes” spanning over a thousand years of history.

Costumes range from Saxon dress worn at the time of William the Conqueror to power dressing, synonymous with the 1980s.

Ms Smith spent five years handmaking the doll costumes, each taking between two hours and two weeks to make.

She said: “I used dolls as my main model for two reasons: I knew they would be available perpetually, and so kept my collection standard, and there are a wide range of different looks, shapes and colours and so reflect the real-life diversity in ladies’ appearances throughout the ages.

"Ever since I was a teenager and being interested in history, I have wanted to do this project, but a busy life just got in the way.

"I am very excited that my collection is being exhibited at Sudeley Castle and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have making and creating them."

Visitors can also discover exhibits detailing the history of the castle, fully furnished rooms, the final resting place of Katherine Parr as well as an adventure playground.

There is also a Castle Kitchen Pantry and The Terrace Café to keep you fuelled throughout your visit.

Tickets for Sudeley Castle must be pre-booked online at www.sudeleycastle.co.uk and are on sale now with limited availability at weekends throughout the summer.