A DONOR whose rare blood can be used to treat anyone has given his 100th pint.

Gareth Paish from Shipston on Stour has a rare blood type, O negative. Anyone regardless of their blood type can take this blood. It is also used to treat sick babies and children because of its antibodies. His last donation of blood went to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Mr Paish said: "I'm very proud. It's been a bit of a goal for me really because I used to go to Shipston to donate then they stopped doing it so I was moved to Stratford. It was a job to get an appointment and I was only a few off 100. Eventually I got there."

Mr Paish said: "Anyone can have my blood, it's what they carry in ambulances and response vehicles. It's nice to know that it's used in those situations. It's important that we (people with O negative) donate."

Only 7 percent of people have Mr Paish's blood type but O negative is the most common blood type used for transfusions when the blood type of a patient is unknown.

Mr Paish, 65 gave his first pint of blood in 1974. He gives blood every 12 weeks.

For a living he installs traditional style windows and leaded lights.

Mr Paish will get a certificate for his achievement.