Cotswold received just 63p per person in lottery funding through a scheme to support the arts sector last year, ​much less than the average across the South West.

Arts Council England gives out lottery money to support museums, libraries, artists and arts groups across the country through applications to its Project Grants.

The fund focuses on smaller independent organisations and individuals, with grants ranging from £1,000 to £100,000.

The arts sector in Cotswold was given £56,264 in Project Grants funding by ACE in 2019-20, the latest available data from the public body shows.

This was equivalent to 63p per person in the area, based on Office for National Statistics population estimates – well below the average of £2.15 across the South West, although this was the second-highest of England's nine regions.

The figures show big regional disparities in funding – London received the most at £2.94 per head of the population, while the West Midlands saw the least at just £1.20.

Nationally, £97.9 million was handed out via the scheme last year – an average of £1.74 per person.