TV star Jeremy Clarkson has offered to pay back "all that was lost" to a five-year-old Malvern boy who was the victim of thieves.

Five year-old Harry Clare, from Welland, sells eggs, goats milk and soap among other items in an honest shop at his parent's Rosebud Meadow glamping site.

Earlier this week his family noticed that money and supplies had been stolen, leaving just the table and shop sign.

After reading the story the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host wrote on Twitter that he would ensure the youngster got back the £40 of stock that was taken from him.

The Grand Tour presenter wrote: "I will make good all that was lost.

"Please get in touch. And then let’s feed the thieves into a combine."

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The 60-year-old has also told a national paper he wanted to help Harry as he had been the victim of the same crime at his farm in Chipping Norton.

"He's such a sweet looking kid and I've had an honesty box at the end of my drive for the last tow or three months selling eggs exactly the same as him," the former Top Gear presenter said.

"It is so annoying when people go along and take away the eggs without leaving the cash.

Harry's mum has said she was "delighted" after hearing of the offer.

Meanwhile Harry and Rosie have set up a fundraising page called Harry's Honesty Box which has already raised £6,872.

The cash raised will be going to Acorn's Children's Hospice.

To give a donation visit