A VULNERABLE Bourton resident who had a bad fall in his living room was rescued 48 hours later by officers carrying out proactive checks.

PC Stalker and PCSO Symes were carrying out proactive vulnerable people checks in Bourton earlier this week when they found a man calling for help from within a property.

The officers smashed the rear patio door and found the man on his living room floor, where he'd been for 48 hours after falling down.

An ambulance was called and the injured man was taken to hospital, where he is likely to stay for a week.

PCSO Charlie Symes said in a community alert: "The male had lost his social links due to coronavirus and no one was checking up on him.

"He had no ability to reach a phone and no one was due to come to his property for weeks.

"Please check on vulnerable neighbours, a phone call or a quick hello could save some ones life."