COTSWOLD District Council is set to resume committee meetings online. 

Council members and officers have been using video conferencing for internal meetings but Thursday’s overview and scrutiny meeting will be the first formal committee to be run using online video conferencing.

Key decisions at the council are taken in public meetings but such meetings do not currently meet social distancing guidelines. Moving meetings online allows meetings to take place publicly but safely.

The council will be holding the following meetings virtually over the coming weeks and members of the public will be able to follow the proceedings through a broadcast on Facebook Live at

You do not need a Facebook account to access this.

Councillor Joe Harris, Leader of Cotswold District Council said: “Both staff and councillors have continued to support the delivery of services during lockdown.

"But a key part of the work remains decision making which largely happens formally in our committees, so I am delighted that we’re able to resume meetings in a way that meets social distancing guidelines.  

“For the next few meetings that means socially distanced democracy with meetings conducted online and streamed.  I look forward to having meetings in person as guidance develops."

Cllr Stephen Andrews, chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee, said: “It is important for local democracy to get council meetings operating in a way that is as close to ‘normal’ as possible.

“Whilst we have not worked in this way before and these early meetings will be a challenge for those taking part in them, it is something that we must do so that there can be scrutiny of decisions made by the council both internally and by the public.”