A GROUP is changing people's lives by teaching those who struggle with or cannot read a chance to learn.

Read Easy is a not-for-profit organisation that recruits, trains and supports volunteers to give one-to-one tuition to adults who struggle with reading.

There are currently 2.4 million adults around us in the UK who either can’t read at all or struggle with this most basic requirement for everyday life. In the Cotswolds there are currently 3,268 adults who struggle with literacy- that’s 6.6% of the total adult population.

Read Easy UK was started by Ginny Williams-Ellis, a resident of Blockley, and it has been growing rapidly. The charity offers anonymous one-to-one coaching for one hour a week. Working through community-based volunteer groups, Read Easy offers a free, friendly, flexible approach to learning to read for any adult who either can’t read at all, or who lacks confidence with reading. On completion of the reading scheme, Read Easy offers a second stage of literacy support to help new readers to consolidate their skills further and to give them the confidence to move on to other opportunities.

Few people are aware of the number of adults in the UK who struggle with basic literacy and who were failed by the education system. It is a problem that has farreaching consequences and effects every aspect of daily life but people are afraid or embarrassed to come forward to get the help they need.

For more information about visit readeasy.org.uk.

If you know anyone who might need help with reading, you can contact the North Costwolds Group Team Leader John Seddon T: 01386 700099 or visit readeasy.org.uk/groups/north-cotswolds.