STORM Dennis blew a tree onto a bus causing injuries to the driver.

A bus driver was left with a sprained wrist and a minor head injury when a tree landed on the coach driving through Blockley on Saturday (February 15).

His injuries were minor and he was assessed at the scene and discharged.

Richard Johnson, Service Delivery Manager for Johnsons Coaches said:

“We are pleased to report that our driver has made a full recovery and returned back to work today (Tuesday 18th) . It was certainly a nasty surprise for our customers and our driver when the incident occurred. We are happy with how our team worked together to ensure the safety of our passengers. The authorities at the scene and over the phone were excellent, but unfortunately our vehicle has sustained heavy damage.”

A local resident said: "I arrived at the scene with my wife and she took the two uninjured passengers to Chipping Campden (where they were heading) and I stayed with the driver who was badly shaken and cut. The bus was very badly damaged. The driver did incredibly well to keep the passengers safe."