I say, I say, where can you see the Prime Minister being assassinated by a bishop?

It sounds like a joke, perhaps, but in fact the act will form the basis of a play at The Coach House Theatre in Malvern.

To be precise, the unusual murder is premise of a new thriller by Malvern playwright, Nick Wilkes.

A spokesman said: "Bishop Francis Lancelot Jones, a former army chaplain, well-known television celebrity and national treasure has never put a foot wrong in life. No arrests, no warnings, not even a parking ticket.

"At a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace, held for the Queen of Denmark and her eldest son the Crown Prince, the serving UK Prime Minister had been sat beside Bishop Jones.With no warning, and without any seeming malice or anger, the Bishop cut the Prime Minister’s throat."

The spokesman added: "Set in the aftermath of this horrific event, Psychiatrist and former army colleague Dr James Hartley tries to untangle the dark and complicated strands of the mind.

Mr Wilkes said: “Obviously it’s my reaction to the recent years of political anger and division."

The run of Through a Glass Darkly will be from February 18 to February 22.

Box Office 01684 892277.