AFTER the terrifying experience of seeing her husband fighting for his life in hospital, a woman is raising awareness of cardiac problems in young people.

Phoebe Keene will run the London Marathon for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) after her husband Steve was rushed into hospital in 2018 with a life threatening condition, Aortic Dissection. The couple were told to say their goodbyes as Mr Keene, 28 had less than 35% chance of survival.

Mrs Keene said: "The idea that the love of your life might not make it through the night really puts life into perspective."

CRY specialises in helping people under the age of 35, who themselves or their family have been effected by heart issues.

Mrs Keene said: "It actually took me by surprise how many children and young adults are affected everyday but have previously gone undiagnosed because they are deemed ‘too young’, this was unfortunately the case with my husband"

On December 10, 2018 Mr Keene had chest pains which he described as feeling "like someone was reaching into his chest and squeezing his heart." He went to Moreton Hospital and was advised that is could be a chest infection before being sent to Gloucester Royal Hospital.

Miss Keene said: "We were then left in the corridor for over an hour as the case at this point was thought to be only chest pains and with no other visual problems, and with him being ‘so young’ they weren’t overly concerned."

After a CT scan Mr Keene was moved to Bristol Heart Institute and the couple, from Bretforton learned he had a condition called Aortic Dissection and needed surgery.

"Thankfully the wonderful team at the BRI saved his life." Mrs Keene said.

"This operation was needed because he had an undiagnosed heart condition, and for a 28-year-old healthy, fit young man it came as a life changing shock."

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