ALTHOUGH many frustrated drivers will not feel like like celebrating – today is national pothole day.

In fact, potholes have been voted the single most annoying thing about driving.

A survey of 2,000 road users found the irritating craters in the road surface more worse than tailgaters and drivers failing to use their indicators.

Eight in 10 drivers, cyclists and motorcycle riders admit they have to navigate potholes every time they take to the roads.

And the problem appears to be getting worse. In August it was revealed that Gloucestershire County Council received 13,956 queries or complaints about potholes and road surfaces during a 12-month period - a rise of 26 per cent on the previous year.

From April 2013-18, 107 successful claims were made against Gloucestershire County Council for total compensation of £25,190.

Paul Fleetham, managing director of contracting at Tarmac said: "Potholes may seem like a minor problem – but they cause millions of people financial and physical damage each year.

"It is therefore essential that road maintenance in England and Wales receives adequate government funding.

"We believe is essential for local authorities to ensure they can deliver lasting road maintenance solutions.

"We need to move to a longer-term proactive approach to funding that focuses on the social value of our roads, managing the network as a vital asset with proper preventative structural maintenance. "

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