A PENSIONER is upset after a housing group have ordered he take down a temporary garage he has put up to protect his classic cars.

Steve Matthews said: "I have been trying to get planning permission for ages and they keep messing me around. I have got two classic cars and I have got nowhere else to put them."

Mr Matthews, 68 lives in a Bromford home in Redesdale Place, Moreton-in-Marsh. To provide shelter for his cars he has put up a marquee- type structure.

Mr Matthews said: "I feel like I am being victimised. They are saying it is too big for the garden which it isn't. It has been an ongoing thing for two years. I traced back the house 50 years ago and there was a double garage."

Bromford head of locality Charlie Jackson said: “Whilst we will always try to work with customers to allow them to make to the most of their home, in this case, unfortunately Mr Matthews did not obtain advance permission to put up the large structure in his back garden."

“We visited to inspect the structure last month and determined that it is unsuitable due to its size and location and so we have written to him to ask him to remove it. We would be willing to consider allowing Mr Matthews to have a smaller structure in his garden and will be happy to do this if he makes an alternative proposal.”