A NEW 'community choir' has been set up.

Siân Robinson said: 'My vision for a community choir has evolved from a growing recognition of changes in modern society. I believe we are social, relational beings and have an innate need to belong to others and feel connected to one another. Some people are living large distances away from extended family and friends. They may be new to the community. Sometimes our growing reliance on social media technology rather than face to face interaction can make people more isolated and less connected to others hence relationships become more superficial and less rewarding."

The choir meets on a Monday evening at 6.30pm for tea & coffee. Choir starts at 7pm, it is held at United Reformed Church Hall, Broadway, WR12 7AL.

"Singing is a universal language and is a way of connecting people. As the saying goes.. When words fail music speaks.

Singing has proven to have considerable physical, emotional and spiritual health benefits."

"The ethos of the choir it totally inclusive to connect the local community. It requires no audition and doesn't judge you on your ability or talent. It is a people's choir where everyone has a voice. It is led by a professional choir leader who will inspire you through every rehearsal. Contemporary songs are chosen for their uplifting qualities."

"For the free choir taster on 14th October there was terrific turnout and response. We now have around 36 members. As we continue to advertise more people are joining us. "

If you are interested please email or text Sian Robinson at sianrobinson@live.co.uk / 07908009883