Local charity Cotswold Friends is putting out a plea for drivers, as the demand on its Community Transport Service continues to increase.

Last year, drivers undertook 10,500 journeys for medical, social and practical need, helping over 1,000 Members of the North Cotswold Community.

Amanda Howard, Cotswold Friends chief executive said: “There is so much to be gained from volunteering.

"Our drivers tell us that they feel more connected to their community and enjoy meeting new people, often making friends for life.

"Drivers are paid 50p for every passenger mile which significantly helps with the running costs of their vehicle.

"With very little public transport in the North Cotswolds, which is inaccessible for many, Community Transport really is a vital service.”

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Jenny Smith has been driving for Cotswold Friends for over 20 years and said, “It’s got busier.  The service is being used more and more so we are short of drivers.

"Driving makes my day, because I’m on my own.  My husband died 12 years ago and it gives me a purpose for my day and I just love it.

"You get out meeting people and they hear your stories and you hear theirs.  I think it’s a wonderful service and so do the members.  They totally rely on us, a lot of them. 

"The joy of volunteering is that I can do as much or as little as I want to. For me, it’s given me lots of friends; it helps me, it helps them and it’s just a fantastic organisation.”

For further information about driving for Cotswold Friends, call Sheryl on 01608 697007 or email:sheryl@cotswoldfriends.org.