A DAD is outraged over a dust cloud that he says has been created by a housing development.

Stuart Peters says residents in his area are now in the second year of the dust cloud the Bidford Leys development has been producing.

Mr Peters said: "I hate to think what my newborn baby is having to inhale."

"It has created an environmental health issue that not only effects existing nearby residents properties and possessions, but their health too. The dust which Bovis are aware of creates a thick layer on everything, both outside and inside the house, and no sooner has it been removed then it returns within days. Residents are being held captive as they can't open windows or doors, which has led to a hell of two summers."

Mr Peters added:"Bovis have issued an apology on a private basis, but local residents are having to fork out clean up costs which Bovis should be liable for, but they just don care."

A spokesperson for Bovis Homes, said: "Our site team are aware of one customer complaint at Bidford Leys in relation to dust and our site manager has visited the homeowner to discuss the issue.

"We have a road brush on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to clean all the roads and a water bowser has been used by groundworkers on a daily basis to dampen the surface where the roads aren’t completed yet. The Health and Safety Executive visited the location and were satisfied that we have been going above and beyond to tackle any dust.

"As we come to the end of our build work on the location and the weather changes, any potential for dust to be an issue should severely diminish.”