Police have received reports of criminal damage at a prestigious fire college in Moreton.

Equipment used to simulate a train crash and motorway accidents at Moreton Fire College has been damaged.

Police have received reports of youths going onto the secure site at the fire college, ignoring the 'Keep Out' signs.

The college say they are deeply concerned that trespassers may cause injury to themselves.

PC Nick Westmacott, beat manager for Moreton said: "Police have been given a post off social media that identifies local youths causing the damage and they will be spoken to and parents notified.

"The college enjoy their close ties with the community and wish youths to enjoy the holidays but want police to let the public know the site is in constant use and can be a danger if persons trespass onto the site."

If you have any information, call 101 quoting incident number 262 of July 8.