A PRESENTER will once again take part in the Ideal Home Show, the world’s longest running exhibition.

Nick Knowles talked about the show and describes his perfect home.

What made you get involved with Ideal Home show?

I have been involved in the building industry for the past 20 years on TV, so it seemed only appropriate that after many requests I made an appearance at Ideal Home Show.

What are you doing at the show?

I’ll be answering questions from the audience, taking the opportunity to look around the show, see the amazing products on display and meeting the wonderful creators behind them.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when you’re there?

The weird and wonderful things that people smarter then myself have invented. It’s all about innovation and I’m excited to see what’s new.

There’s a lot of virtual reality at the show this year – are you interested in discovering the latest technology for your own home?

I’m always interested in new things that can make a home more cost effective, easier to use, ergonomic and more eco-friendly, I think it’s important for a home to be part of the environment, rather than just sit on it.

What’s your dream property?

After having huge ambitions to have a big home, oddly the small country cottage I live in now is my dream property. It’s in the Cotswolds and I have a vegetable patch. It’s exactly what I want, and I’m living there now!

Ideal Home Show, the world’s longest running exhibition, will return to Olympia London from Friday 22nd March to Sunday 7th April 2019. Nick Knowles is hosting Q&A’s on stage throughout the week.idealhomeshow.co.uk.