STOW-on-the-Wold residents fed up of dog mess on their pavements have resorted to an eye-catching poster campaign to urge owners to pick it up.

The ‘Dog Turdinator pack’, originally set up last year, is behind the new posters, displaying messages such as ‘Paw and Order - If you don’t pick up your dog’s excrement it’s a £1,000 fine’ and ‘Let’s keep Stow-on-the-Wold dog turd free - please bag it and bin it’.

Posters have been placed on signs and on the dog and waste bins around the town thanking responsible dog owners for using the bins.

The anonymous spokesman of the group, calling themselves DT Alfa-Male, contacted the Journal saying: “Enough is enough.

“There have been so many occasions where irresponsible dog owners have emptied their dogs all around the town and not picked up the mess left behind. Repeatedly walking back from the pub at night in the dark is like walking through a mine field, not knowing what you are going to step in.

“Dog excrement is often coiled up on my driveway and left there for me to deal with. It’s disgraceful irresponsible dog owners can’t be bothered to do the right thing. It’s not only visually unpleasant, it’s a health hazard and it certainly doesn’t smell like roses.

“We love responsible dog owners who do use the towns network of dedicated dog and general waste bins. We just wish others would do the same.

"We hope everyone gets behind the Dog Turdinator initiative and rolled out further afield around the Cotswolds.”

The Cotswold Dog Turdinator has been designed as a superhero character ‘fighting the evil of dog poop’ and a dedicated twitter account has also been set up, @DogTurdinator.