STOW on the Wold council is calling on residents, passionate about their community to stand in the local elections on May 2.

How many seats are there on full council?

The council has 11 seats and meet on a monthly basis (except August). It also has four committees, Parks & Square, Burial Board, Planning, Traffic & Parking and Finance and General Purpose. You will be expected to sit on at least one of the committees and ideally more than one.

What do councillors do?

Councillors are the champions of their community and give residents a voice on the decisions the council makes. Becoming a councillor will allow you to make a real difference in your community by engaging with residents, local groups and businesses to find out their needs; making decisions on which services and projects the council should take forward; and getting involved locally to ensure the services are meeting your community needs.

How much time does it take?

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Local Councillor Census Survey said that on average councillors spend about three hours per week on council work. Obviously there are some councillors who spend more time than this and some less, but in the main, being a local councillor is an enjoyable way of contributing to your community and helping to make it a better place to live and work.

Do local councillors get paid? Working as a local councillor is a voluntary role. However, local councils do have the power to pay allowances to councillors, subject to approval from the local council?

Who can stand for election?

Most people are qualified to stand for their local council but there are a few rules. You have to be:-

* A British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth, or the European Union

* 18 years of age or older

* Live in an area that is served by a local council

To become a councillor do you need to be available during work hours?

No, the majority of councillors work full time and meetings are generally held in the evening and therefore outside normal working hours.

How can I find out more information on being a town councillor?

In the first instance please contact the clerk, Mrs Heather Sipthorp, by calling the office on 01451 832 585 or email We can then arrange to meet informally and can explain what the role entails and also arrange for you to meet with some of the current members of council so they can share their perspective and experiences as a local councillor.