A 20mph speed limit in a town centre will stop people "dying on our roads", a police chief says.

The 20mph zone in the centre of Stow-on-the-Wold is now fully in place after being gradually rolled out over the past few months.

Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martin Surl said that safety measures such as the 20mph zone will save lives.

This 20mph limit formed phase two of a wider scheme to increase pedestrian safety and prevent dangerous driving in the town.

Stow Town Council secured money for the project after applying to the Safe and Social Driving in Gloucestershire fund run by the PCC.

The lower speed limit has been implemented gradually over the past couple of months and is now fully operational.

PCC Mr Surl said: “Far too many people die on our roads as a result of motorists going too fast, that is why I made safe and social driving one of my priorities.

“But rather than me tell communities what they ought to do and where they ought to do it, I asked towns and parishes to have a think and come back with a plan for their area.

“Although it can take longer than we might all hope for these plans to come to fruition, I’m pleased that local people are having a say in helping to make their roads safer.”

Phase one of the town centre changes was jointly funded by Gloucestershire County Council and Stow Town Council and was essentially redesigning the parking provision in the Town Square.

The redesign provided increased and better located disabled parking and the relocation of the coach drop off bay.

Setts have been put in place across the High Street entrance to the Town Square as well as a pedestrian nib that serves the dual purpose of slowing traffic and making pedestrian crossing easier at this point.

Phase three is to introduce a 7.5 tonne weight limit on Digbeth Street for all vehicles, including coaches, to further improve pedestrian safety. This is currently going through the consultation process at the county council, and it is hoped the change will be implemented early in the new year.