The popular Micro-Sculptures: In the Eye of a Needle exhibition at Broadway Museum and Art Gallery, featuring the work of Dr Willard Wigan, has been extended.

The exhibition is a joint collaboration between the museum and Broadway Luxury, a neighbouring showroom.

Broadway Luxury also has two of his works on display, including one of the Broadway Tower, Wigan has created since the exhibition opened at the museum.

This has reduced the 20-metre tower into a tiny micro-sculpture set in the eye of a needle.

The sculpture is made of miniscule grains of stone from the tower complete with windows, turrets and a flagpole, and took four weeks to produce.

Dr Wigan said: “This area is so beautiful and Broadway in particular now holds a special place in my heart. Creating the tower was a no-brainer and I’m so pleased to create something for the people of the Cotswolds to enjoy.”

The exhibition has been extended until December 19.

Meanwhile visitors to the museum can also view its special exhibition, Making an Impression, of prints by Impressionists Manet, Pissario and their contemporaries will also run until the week before Christmas.

This features work loaned from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and was curated by the Ashmolean’s Katherine Wodehouse.

Manet, Pissarro, Cezanne, Renoir, Morisot and Cassatt, whose works feature in the exhibition, all created prints that provide a fascinating corollary to their famous paintings.

The Impressionists’ characteristic subjects; the modern life of the city, portraits, landscape, and weather are all represented in their prints which exploit and cultivate innovatory techniques and aesthetic effects.

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