COTSWOLD residents are being warned to remain vigilant after the latest reports of a cold caller.

The man is knocking on doors in the Cotswolds area telling residents he is working for the energy company, asking to look at people's gas and electric meter in their house.

He is thought to be in his late 50's, with short grey hair, unshaven wearing a black tee shirt, black trousers with a red high viz jacket on in a plain van.

It is the latest incident of cold calling in recent times in the Cotswolds area.

In April, Cotswold District Council issued a warning after several cold calls are believe to have been made to a Cotswold resident offering loft insulation using a spray foam product.

In that case, the council said a company called Airtight Renewables Ltd gave the impression their work was authorised by the council and the 'energy advisor in the area' as part of a government backed energy efficiency.

The council later released a statement warning residents that this company has no links with the council, or their long-standing partner Severn Wye Energy.

And in the summer police also warned that the infamous Nottingham Knockers had been in the area.

The group was reported as not having a pedlar's certificate and therefore selling their goods illegally.

People have been warned that if a sales person comes to their door selling any products they should not be persuaded to part with money or for products they do not need or are of poor quality.

And police are now reminding residents to not let this person pretending to be from the energy company, or anyone they have suspicions about, into their house.

A police spokesperson said: "If anyone comes to your door, always ask for ID, keep the door on a chain, and if anyone is coming to check your meter, you should have a letter from the company to say they are coming.

"Please do not let anyone you do not know into your house and please report it to the police."

Anyone who spots the doorstep traders should report sightings to the non-emergency police number on 101.