A RESIDENT says he fears the authorities won't listen to his concerns about the danger of a Chipping Campden intersection despite another serious crash.

In June the Cotswold Journal reported on resident Godfrey Bell's anger that nothing is being done about the "dangerous" intersection on Dovers Hill, at the corner of Dyers and Kingcombe Lanes, after an accident in which a person had to receive medical treatment.

Mr Bell has now renewed his call for action to be taken after another accident at the intersection in which car overturned and came to a rest on its roof on Tuesday afternoon, September 25.

Mr Bell said: "On Tuesday there was another serious accident on this intersection which required an ambulance to attend.

"Until someone is killed and a family devastated, it appears the council simply do not believe me that this is an extremely dangerous intersection requiring a major re-design.

"Despite all my efforts it is disappointing that this junction is still not labelled as “dangerous enough” to warrant any serious redesign.

"It seems someone has to be killed and a family devastated before anyone in authority will actually believe my prediction of a fatality one day may just be correct.

"I am trying to shock the council and Gloucestershire Highways into action about this junction. I keep getting messages that it is not designated dangerous - they won't say that but that is the implication.

"Even this morning a van used Kingcombe Lane as a race track at about 80mph as it approached the same junction. It is very, very scary several times a day."

Mr Bell said the situation had not improved much from June when he said he would hear racing traffic, blaring horns, and screeching brakes constantly, adding "every day is not an exaggeration."

In June he said: "There have been several accidents on this corner, and continue to be, but thankfully they are few in comparison with the scary warnings and horn-blasts and speeding traffic we hear every day.

"But if the accidents are recorded as minor or “non-fatal” it appears the council is simply not interested. Maybe they are just waiting for the very worst, as I fear I am."

A Gloucestershire County Council was unavailable for comment.

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman has previously told us the Cotswold Journal that Mr Bell’s complaints were a matter for the council.