THE Cotswold School is celebrating some of their finest GCSE examination results in the history of the School – this is the 30th anniversary year of The Cotswold School.

84% of students achieved the benchmark of five or more 9-4 grades, including Mathematics and English.

10% of students received 9-7 grades in all their subjects

33% of grades are 9-7

Mr Morgan, Principal said: “Sheer hard work, dedication and our School-wide commitment to excellence has resulted in a set of results to be proud of and I am delighted for so many students who have shown such commitment to their studies. These results in a time of huge change in syllabus, assessment and methodology are down to three things: an absolute commitment to teaching and learning, commitment to the individual, and teamwork – School, parents and pupils.”

In addition, 53% of students achieved the EBacc Award, which represents achievement in the most rigorous GCSE subjects.

Mr Smith, Head of Key Stage 4, Head of Maths and Assistant Principal comments: “I have been in this role as Head of Key Stage 4 for five years. This year has seen some phenomenal results, which I congratulate every student on their hard work and achievements. Over this last year, we have focused on three particular areas of note:

We introduced a designated HUB* at the School, where students can go to and find both emotional and academic support on an individual basis. Mental health issues amongst secondary school students are on the rise. Introducing the HUB for those children who need a safe and secure place for them to go has made a huge difference.

Introducing the HUB has also improved the attendance record of the School. When children are at school, in class or at the HUB, I cannot stress what a real difference it makes.

However, what is absolutely key has been building even stronger relationships with parents and their children. Developing an even stronger bond with the updates and progress of each student at GCSE has led to some outstanding outcomes.

We believe this has led to the best results ever. Thank you to the parents, staff and ultimately the students, you should all be proud.”

Two students received 9’s in all subjects:

Milo Wills achieved 9 grades in nine subjects plus one 8 grade.

Sabrina Torris gained 9 grades in nine subjects and an A in Russian.

Both also achieved the Additional Mathematics Qualification.

Mr Morgan concludes, “In our 30th year as The Cotswold School, we strive for, achieve and celebrate excellence at The Cotswold School. This is what a great comprehensive can do. It can stretch the most able, and give them the top grades and create opportunities for all to build on and achieve great things. With their excellent achievements today, our young people have options – doors have been opened for them, especially as all will be welcomed into our outstanding Sixth Form in September.”