A BUSINESSMAN has hit out at the managers of Chipping Campden's only 24-hour ATM after it has been out of order "for months."

Nick West, chairman of the Campden Business Forum, says that the machine near Huxley's Cafe and Bar in High Street, has not worked for people since April with the town's only other machine at the local One Stop, which cannot be accessed out of shop opening hours.

Mr West says that residents are "fed up" with the nearest ATM available outside of shop opening times in Broadway or Moreton, some six miles away.

He said: "Chipping Campden’s businesses and local residents are fed-up.

"The town’s only public ATM has been out of order for months, and despite contacting Notemachine, who manage the site, there is no sign that the cash dispenser will be working in the near future.

"Over the summer visitors to the town have not be able to withdraw funds and this is having an effect on the local economy.

"Not only has the machine been out of order for months, but the company managing the machine have not communicated with the town to explain why there is a delay, nor to say when this important facility will be back in operation. It’s time they got their finger out and resolved this problem.

"There is an ATM in a local convenience store, obviously it’s only available when the shop is open, and most visitors to the town will not know it’s there, whereas the one that’s been out of order since April is in a very visible public location.

Notemachine, who is believed to manage the site, was approached for comment.