CALLS are being made to change the markings on a road before it "results in loss of life."

Paul Dove of Blockley is a frequent user of Fish Hill in Broadway and believes that the road is dangerous.

Mr Dove said: "I consider there to be a very serious error in road markings that I believe will result in loss of life.

"The white lines in the road allow vehicles travelling down the hill towards the Broadway roundabout to overtake in to the central lane, from part way down the hill to the bend before the roundabout where the road becomes single carriageway.

"From my use of the road I have observed a tendency for vehicles to use the middle lane at speeds in excess of the speed limit in both directions - towards the 'sharpening bend' going uphill and towards the bend before the roundabout going down hill.

"Additionally, vehicles caught behind slow moving vehicles going towards Oxford from the Broadway roundabout tend to pull out in to the middle lane at the bottom of the hill without realising that there is the potential for a vehicle to be coming down the hill in the same lane and in some situations you would have to deliberately look upwards to see the vehicle coming downhill.

"Frankly I'm both amazed that there has not yet been a fatal accident here and that the professionals who are responsible for road safety have allowed this situation to arise.

"Unlike many other situations, very limited costs are required to resolve this and I would urge you to change the markings to stop vehicles descending using the middle lane.

"Many years ago a similar road layout existed on the decent on the western side of the Port Dinorwic by-pass (near Plas Menai); the road markings there were altered as I have suggested after a fatal head on collision."

Jon Fraser, from Worcestershire County Council Highways, said: "We can confirm that we have had a request to review the white lining along the A44 Fish Hill near Broadway.

"We are currently undertaking an overall safety assessment to confirm that the white lining is compliant with current standards."