A RESIDENT says more work is needed to stop a road being used as a "race track."

Godfrey Bell of Chipping Campden says that a "dangerous" intersection on Dovers Hill could claim a life if more work is not done.

He said: " I have been extremely concerned about the dangerous intersection on Dovers Hill, at the corner of Dyers and Kingcombe Lanes.

"I live on this corner and hear cars and motorbikes speeding along Kingcombe Lane - which is used as a race track as it is a long straight road.

"Despite warnings of a junction they are ineffective.

"In response to a previous request the council did remove a tree on the corner of this intersection to improve visibility but my plea for some other preventative solution, such as speed limits, have been ignored. Indeed I have been informed such a speed limit is unnecessary and ineffective.

"If you lived where I live you would hear racing traffic, blaring horns, and screeching brakes constantly (every day is not an exaggeration).

"On Sunday June 17, there was another accident on this intersection which required an ambulance to attend.

"Until someone is killed and a family devastated, it appears the council simply do not believe me that this is an extremely dangerous intersection requiring a major re-design.

"There have been several accidents on this corner, and continue to be, but thankfully they are few in comparison with the scary warnings and horn-blasts and speeding traffic we hear every day. But if the accidents are recorded as minor or “non-fatal” it appears the council is simply not interested.

"Maybe they are just waiting for the very worst… as I fear I am."

Andrew Parker-Mowbrey, road safety manager at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “Creating a safe driving environment is a priority and I appreciate that speed limits can contribute towards them.

The national guidance for the setting of local speed limits advises that speed limits should be evidence-led and self-explaining.

"Driving responsibly is down to the driver and together with our partners at the police we promote the importance of driving safely and spread awareness of the risks that surround irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel. 

"Speed limits should be seen by drivers as the maximum rather than a target speed.”

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said this a matter for the council.