A KING of cars has top billing at Stow Motor Show after a thrilling trial.

The 1929 supercharged Bentley was put through its paces by professional test driver ‘Stoig’ – Stow’s answer to BBC Top Gear’s The Stig.

The anonymous silent ‘celebrity’ gave the majestic motor a definite thumbs-up. It cornered beautifully on Stow’s Queen Elizabeth 2 cricket field, the site of the show running from noon to 10.30pm on July 14 with evening entertainment.

“Sitting against today’s ultra-light, ultra-low, ultra-aerodynamic supercars, the Bentley compares more to a builder’s truck than a cutting-edge race-bred machine,” said Stow Motor Show committee (SMS) member Ben Eddolls.

“But don’t be fooled – it’s still a fast and feisty racer as Stoig found out on his maiden drive. Remember cars this age had the accelerator pedal in the middle so he needed to be very careful to go rather than stop! This surely tops the range of vehicles on show and sets a precedent for all other entrants.”

The ‘Blower’ Bentley joins a delicious display of over 200 motors, from modern supercars to classic and vintage cars, alongside military and agricultural vehicles, motorbikes and lorries.

The show is not just for ‘petrol-heads’ but is for all the family. There is even a Nissa Leaf Electric Eco Hearse and a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. They’ll rub shoulders with iconic wheels such as a 1939 Wolseley Hornet; 1978 Chevrolet Corvette, 1969 MPW Rolls Coupe and an MG Midget.

Bentley owner Ron Warmington, 69, from Maugersbury, welcomes people to get ‘up close and personal’ to his pride and joy. “It’s a brilliant car and a lot easier to drive than you think – they pootle and purr along at 70mph on the motorway,” he said. “The top speed is 130mph and because these cars are so powerful and fast you don’t have to mess around in traffic.

“But the downside is the ferocious fuel consumption, only eight miles to the gallon. Also, if you were an introvert it would be horrible - everywhere you go people are photographing you. People are particularly interested in France because the whole Le Mans legend was generated by Bentley.

“This 4.5l car was designed by England’s greatest race driver and 24-hour Le Mans winner Tim Birkin and is also known as a ‘Birkin Blower’. He decided to super-charge a Bentley to compete against Germany’s fastest driver Rudi Caracciola, who drove a super-charged 7.5l Mercedes.

"In one of the most famous racetrack duels of all-time Birkin passed him at 127mph, with a blown-out tyre. Caracciola didn’t even hear the Bentley coming and was completely shocked. Both blew up but Birkin had sacrificed his own car to allow the non-charged Bentleys to come in and win the race.”

Ron, chairman of the Bentley Drivers Club, has toured long-distance all over Europe and raced mainly at Silverstone, Donnington and Castle Combe.

He and other drivers will relate exploits on the day. There will also be driving demonstrations in a parade ring; children’s funfair rides, electric go-karts from Cheltenham Karting Club and other family attractions; motoring and general trade stands, catering and refreshment outlets. Stow firefighters will simulate a crash rescue. Live music from local band Roughcut Ruby, a hog roast and bar are part of the evening entertainment.

People with interesting vehicles are still welcome to display but must apply in advance through the website: stowmotorshow.co.uk to obtain an entry pass.

Any SMS profits will support Kate’s Home Nursing, Sam Pilcher Trust and North Cotswolds Disabled Club.

For further information contact publicity officer Caroline Fisher on 07910 356687 or email carolinefayfisher@outlook.com.