DORMER House School in Moreton is getting ready for it’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The entire school is involved, all pupils from reception through to year 6 are taking part in this re-imagined 1960s version of the play.

Shakespeare’s text remains but edited to an hour by Emily Scates. the drama teacher at Dormer House.

The play will be performed by children for children and their families, a perfect introduction to a world of magic, mayhem and mischief.

Ms Scates said: “The joy of working with a young cast is that storytelling and role play are already at the heart of their lives.

"Titania and Oberon’s dens have been made in the playground, Puck’s love-in-idleness potion has been concocted in our school garden. This play fuels curiosity and imagination, we hope many of the local community will come along and be part of the magic.”

This is the fifth Shakespeare production produced by Dormer House.

They will perform at Chipping Norton Theatre on Thursday June 28 between 4pm and 7pm and at The Dell, Avonbank, Stratford upon Avon on Saturday July 7 from 12pm until 3pm.