A STUDENT will take a fleet of camels to London to support children affected by the Grenfell Fire disaster.

Daisy Fossett, 19, who recently left Chipping Campden High School will entertain children at the North Kensington Youth Festival on Saturday June 30.

Miss Fossett, a member of the famous circus family and the camels, which belong to her parents Joe and Rebecca Fossett, live on a farm at Idlicote, near Shipston, on the edge of the Cotswolds.

They’re well known in Britain at race meetings, pageants, on TV commercials and at Christmas festivals.

The Fossetts recently met Zoe Le Vack, the founder of Kids-on-the-Green.

A youth worker in North Kensington, She started an emergency response project on the morning after the fire which broke out in the early hours of June 14 2017.

Miss Fossett said: “I’m privileged to be part of it helping Kids-on-the-Green and looking forward to engaging with the children in the community and showing them the camels. We’ve trained them to react well and safely around kids.”

Ms Le Vack said: “Our priority has been getting families playing again. Some parents have problems with their children such as insomnia: the children aren’t sleeping, they’re afraid to go to sleep.

"They have no outlet for their energy. The kids get no rest, but have no way to burn up energy.

“We’ve a team of multi-lingual counsellors. They chat to parents and children and are available for one-to-one sessions or private group sessions. As well as counsellors, there are volunteers providing reiki, acupuncture and massage. Entertainers and artists prove valuable to adults and children alike.

“For example parents get involved in the arts activities too. If they want to paint, they can paint. If children want to make a badge, or listen to a story, sing in the choir or just sit and enjoy what’s going on then that’s fine.

“When all the outside help eventually evaporates, and it will, we know this community will be left to continue its journey. We need to give them the skills to do that.”

"The trauma of Grenfell is still raw. Families who turned to Kids-on-the-Green have been in shock; they’ve been angry but they should be able to smile and laugh. The presence of Daisy Fossett and her camels from South Warwickshire on June 30th will be a part of that.”

Kids-on-the Green is hoping to expand outwards within Kensington and Chelsea to other green spaces. Youth leaders believe there’s an argument for expanding a space for play that’s inherently tied in with mental health care and well-being.