BIRDLAND Park and Gardens is paying tribute to some of its feathered fathers as part of a weekend celebration for Father’s Day.

In addition to daily talks and feeding programmes visitors can also find out more about some of most hard-working avian dads ahead of this Saturday and Sunday.

For some bird species it is the males that actually end up doing most of the hard work when it comes to looking after the babies.

“For rheas, cassowaries and emus after the females lay eggs in their nests it’s the males who will then incubate them for 40 or so days and be responsible for protecting the chicks once they hatch out,” said head keeper Alistair Keen.

“King penguin parents share incubation of their single egg – taking it in turns to keep the egg warm on top of their feet.

“Many other male birds also help incubate the eggs during the day, when the chicks need lots of food and predators may be about,” he added.

Birdland Park and Gardens, in Bourton-on-the-Water, is home to one of the largest collections of exotic birds in the UK, ranging from the UK’s only breeding colony of king penguins and birds of prey to parrots, cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays.