MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry desperately need 24/7 security for their Cotswold home, according to police.

Thames Valley Police are calling for more cash to safeguard the Duke and Duchess £1.4 million farmhouse property in the Cotswolds, according to The Daily Express.

Armed patrol officers, high-tech cameras and sensor equipment have been set in place to protect the Meghan and Harry's 4,000 acre estate in Great Tew, Oxfordshire.

The newly weds' home is not considered a royal residence, so will not be able to receive more funds giving the property extra protection.

As a result, the Thames Valley Police were forced to pay for extra security on the 18th century farmhouse, and spent on two Royal Weddings this year.

Thames Valley Police fired 450 of its staff during a massive job cut during 2010 to 2011, saving them £99 million - but Mr Stansfeld is adamant on securing extra "royal" funding.

He told the Express: "There is a way of paying for that and we will be recompensed.

"We have a large number of VVIPs living in the Thames Valley area, from ex-prime ministers to others.

"We get a special allowance for doing that."