AUTOMATIC number plate recognition, abusive cold callers and excessive speeding were discussed in a public crime meeting.

The meeting, chaired by Liberal Democrat county Cllr Paul Hodgkinson was held to discuss crime issues in Bourton-on-the-Water on Thursday, May 24.

Lansdowne Road and the High Street are being considered as sites for the number plate recognition system which could also be relocated to other sites in the village if necessary.

Police were supportive of the system which is designed to reduce speed. It was confirmed grants from Cllr Hodgkinson and the parish council would fund the system.

Rissington Road was also highlighted for excessive speeding.

A gate has been erected to help reduce speeding but a recent Gloucestershire County Council survey would be assessed to inform other measures including additional vehicle activated signs.

CCTV evidence from the Co-Op of youth antisocial behaviour had resulted in six voluntary interviews related to public order offences.

Anti-social behaviour was also discussed. A meeting had taken place between the Cotswold School, housing associations, the parish council and the parents of individuals that were causing concern over anti-social behaviour.

Other issues discussed were cold callers, where police advised the public to call 101 to report peddler activity, and a potential new youth club for the village.

Cllr Hodgkinson said: “I started these public meetings 18 months ago after complaints from local residents about a lack of visible policing in the village.

“The meetings have given a focus for activity to address crime and in particular anti social behaviour. The police have responded and targeted this behaviour through more regular patrols and on the ground presence.

“The parish council deserve credit for setting up a youth club in the village. Bourton still remains a low crime place compared to the big towns but due to its growing size issues are cropping up which were previously less obvious.”