A BOY was hit by a land rover on a "dangerous" road prompting renewed calls for a crossing to be put in place.

Matthew Spiers, 11, was hit in Leamington Road, Broadway as he tried to cross the road after his bus back from school.

He suffered a bruised lung, stomach injuries and cuts to his head and face but his mother Anna North said his doctors could not believe how lucky he had been.

Ms North said: "Matthew had just got off the bus home from school. He goes to TDMS( The De Montfort School).

"He looked in both directions and could not see any traffic but as he was crossing a Land Rover overtook the bus and hit him. He managed to get up and run out of the road before collapsing under a tree.

"The doctors could not believe how lucky he was to avoid any breaks or serious injuries. His right side is imprinted in the car. The doctors think it was travelling at between 20 and 30 miles an hour.

"I have spoken to the parish council and we want to start fundraising for a zebra crossing which would cost between £25,000 and £40,000."

Cllr Liz Eyre, the county councillor for Broadway said: "I have since 2001 advised liaison and highway officers how many near misses there are on this in Broadway involving children.

"There are two schools, 1 youth club, one evening children's dance club, the secondary children are picked up here. 250 children and secondary children are accessing education or transport. So far I have not had any support from the County Council. We are constantly " on the list".

"I believe the County Council just does not appreciate the two large estates either side of the Leamington Road.

"A 'drive by' does not pick up the density of population in this area of our village: roughly 250 council houses, 250 market houses, flats and and a sheltered housing scheme and a new development of 13 houses on one side.

"Similarly a large 250 house estate, a recent addition of around 60-70 market houses and a large extra care sheltered housing scheme for older people on the other.

"Over the years the parish council has supported me in my lobbying for action.

"Sadly it did not seem Wychavon's New Homes Bonus could be used for this purpose.

"I am now lobbying the Parish Council to consider using their tax raising powers or reserves towards this end either alone or in partnership with the two schools. Can we offer funds to nudge an outcome.

"I tried for a 20mph designation for the road. Officers are not convinced that that trials introducing 20mph give the desired result.

"I have asked them to consider the possibility of an advisory 20mph speed limit on Leamington Road, covering both schools, which would be specific to school time taking the form of flashing amber units and 'School - 20 when lights flash' vehicle plates.

"The flashing lights will be put on when St Mary's have a school crossing lady this will help. Officers are looking to upgrade the 4 school signs/amber units on Leamington Rd (covering the 2 schools)

"Broadway Parish Council have requested another 'White Gate' on Leamington Road to slow traffic down and remind people they are coming into a village environment - the location is to be decided end next week.

"The police help regularly carrying out speed campaigns.

"What is really needed is a zebra crossing. A new team is following up on our 17 year request.

"We have now scored better than previous years probably because of more housing. We are now on the list of crossing requests from throughout the County. The 2018/9 budget is fully allocated."

Matthew was hit at around 4pm on Thursday May 10, with police treating the incident as an accident.

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: "We were sorry to learn of the incident involving Matthew and hope he makes a full recovery. We are liaising with Councillor Liz Eyre directly on this matter and are reviewing the situation."