A BROADWAY cyclist took part in an international cycle tour in Majorca after overcoming a bike mix-up.

Oliver Gleave was one of 7250 riders enrolled for the Gran Fondo and Sportive event, and 1700 riders completed the 194 miles.

The Tour de France champion Migues Indurain was also involved in the event.

The trip for Mr Gleave started by flying on Thursday with his bike from London to Palma, only to find on arrival that his bike was not on the flight.

He was due to join in a practice 70 mile ride on Friday but spent the day chasing his bike, which finally turned up late Friday.

The 312 race takes its name from the distance round the island of 312km circumnavigating the exterior of the island and challenges the riders with a combined elevation of 4300 metres, a little over 14000 feet.

The race starts and finishes in Playa Muro located on the North East cost of Majorca, just south of Alcudia.

There are two distinct races, one of 312 km, one of 167km (104 miles) which has 2588 vertical metres.

One of the climbs took Mr Gleave 55 minutes and he completed the 167km in just over 7 hours in temperatures of 21 /22 degrees to be awarded a medal.