A CORNISH fishing village will be on display to visitors in the area.

Wolf’s Cove, the model Cornish fishing village which Charles Wade designed, will be once again on display to visitors to Snowshill Manor and Garden.

On the weekend of the April 14 and 15 this feature of the garden will be reinstated for the season.

Over the two days there will be an opportunity to help put the buildings back out and learn more about this tiny village from the team of volunteers; with talks throughout the afternoon between 11.45am and 3pm.

Charles Wade used his skills as an architect and craftsman to build the original village and models, his vivid imagination and sense of playfulness led to the creation of this separate world within the heart of his garden.

It was, as Our Homes and Garden commented in December 1920, ‘…an architect’s fancy that brought this dream-place into being – a fragment in miniature redolent of the charm of buildings to be seen in the Cotswolds.’

The project to restore Wolf’s Cove to the garden began in 2012.

Hayley Gaisford-Gotto, general manager, said: "Thanks to extensive research and the generous donations of our visitors, the village’s infrastructure has been rebuilt, including the railway platform and the quay. Our team of dedicated National Trust volunteers continue to make exact replicas of the models that Charles Wade himself designed and built."

Models have been painted and the tiny church reroofed.

More information can be found on the www.nationaltrust.org.uk/snowshill-manor