A WARNING has been issued to residents following unsolicited calls from a loft insulation business.

Several cold calls are believe to have been made to a Cotswold resident offering loft insulation using a spray foam product.

According to Cotswold District Council, a company called Airtight Renewables Ltd gave the impression that their work was authorised by the council and the 'energy advisor in the area' as part of a government backed energy efficiency.

The council released a statement warning residents that this company has no links with the council, or their long-standing partner Severn Wye Energy.

The Independent Energy Saving Trust advise that when a loft is insulated in the usual way above ceiling level there is no need to insulate the pitched roof with spray foam, as suggested by the cold callers.

Foam will have a negligible effect on heat loss, and increase the risk of moisture collecting in the roof timbers, which in turn increases the chances of rot and decay.

Anyone wishing to increase the amount of insulation should add further layers of the existing material at ceiling level.

For more information, visit energysavingtrust.org.uk.