A GROUP in Moreton has pledged to tackle the bad congestion in the town with a new car park planned for the town.

Andrew Burrows complained to the Journal last year, stating that the situation had got so troublesome that he did not know where to park safely.

Since then things the Parking Working Group (PWG) for Moreton has been formed, which aims to work with Moreton Town Council and Gloucestershire County Council to fix the problems.

Mr Burrows, part of the group, said: "We think this is big change for Moreton and it will be to the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses alike.

"The Parking Working Group (PWG), who are residents and/or members of the Moreton Business Association (MBA) is made up of central Moreton and side street representatives and have been lobbying Moreton in Marsh Town Council for 14 months to address the parking problems in the High Street and surrounding side roads caused by free all day parking.

"The town council has been supportive and recognise the need to improve parking in the town for the benefit of all."

The town council recently announced that their bid to purchase the old British Legion site in Station Road as a car park failed but the Gloucester Diocese of The Church of England have agreed in principle for part of the Glebe land to be used as a car park.

A statement by the group added: "The PWG feel that the Glebe land would be a suitable location for a new car park as it has good access and is a short walk to the town centre.

"This new car park, targeted for delivery in 2019 would be used by all day parkers who are currently congesting the town centre.

"There is no recommendation being made by the PWG that puts allotments, football pitches or cemeteries at risk as part of the new Glebe Car Park plan.

"Please support this new Glebe Car Park initiative as it really does deliver a much brighter future for the High Street and surrounding side roads and will genuinely be to the benefit of all. This will be change for central Moreton in Marsh but it is a very positive change and we should welcome it."

A parking study by the PWG in 2017 says that plans in the town may include two hour free parking in the High Street, with pay and display parking afterwards with two two hour free parking in central side roads except for qualifying resident permits.

The group also say that affordable resident and business parking permits for High Street and adjoining roads could be part of the plans with further provision will be made for disabled and carer parking, deliveries and residents' visitors as well as Gloucestershire County Council providing road markings, signs and enforcement.

They also say formal and informal consultations will take place with the public.

Anyone who lives within a 15 minute walk from the town centre or the railway station can contact moretonparkinggroup@gmail.com to air their views.

Moreton Town Council was approached for comment.