STOW Civic Society members gathered in the spring sunshine for a service to commemorate and remember The Battle of Stow.

Many people lost their lives in the town during the battle on March 21 1646.

The battle started at around dawn just outside Stow Sir Jacob Astley and his Royalist soldiers were en route to join forces in Oxford with King Charles I, were attacked and pursued whilst still fighting into Stow Town Square.

By 7.30 am, Parliamentarian commanders were writing their dispatches to the Speaker of the House in the King’s Arms.

At the time the group assembled for the service, the scene left in the Square that day would have been one of carnage with blood running down Digbeth Street,

Up to 200 Royalists would have been slaughtered and as many as 1500 were taken captive.

Daffodils were placed near the headstone outside the church and on the grave of the Royalist commander, Captain Hastings Keyt, inside.