THE candidates for the General Election in the Cotswold constituency have been announced.

Conservative Geoffrey Clifton-Brown will seek to defend the seat again, with five candidates opposing him on Thursday June 8.

Andrew Gant is representing the Liberal Democrat Party, Chris Harlow the candidate for UKIP, Mark Huband for Labour and Sabrina Poole for the Green Party.

Sandy Steel is also standing, as a non-party political candidate.


Mr Clifton-Brown, said: "I look forward to having a fair and constructive campaign with the Liberal Democrat candidate Andrew Gant, over the coming month."

‘The Cotswolds deserves the strong and stable leadership that a Conservative MP can provide."

A spokesman for him added: "Mr Clifton-Brown has been the Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds for 25 years and has fought six elections over that period.

"As a candidate, his experience and knowledge of the Cotswolds and its residents are second-to-none and he will continue to work hard to ensure that the Cotswolds’ voice is heard loud and clear in Parliament."


Mr Gant, the Liberal Democrat candidate said: "I am standing as the Liberal Democrat PPC in The Cotswolds because our young people, businesses, visitors and residents deserve better than the divisive vision offered by the Tories.

"Liberal Democrats are committed to giving the people a say on the eventual terms of the Brexit deal.

"The misrepresentations of the Leave campaign are quickly coming home to roost. EU citizens in the UK have earned more respect.

"Our young people have had their future stolen by Brexit lies. Farmers face huge uncertainty around funding and seasonal labour.

"We will properly support the NHS and fight for equality of esteem for mental health services. Schools funding will be fair and targeted at need.

"I am a city councillor in Oxford, leader of my council group and leader of the opposition.

"I have served on a range of committees including planning and as Chair of Scrutiny, and have a particular interest in housing, inequalities and the environment.

"I am a school governor, board member of my local community associations and chair of trustees of a small but successful charity working with young people and vulnerable adults.

"Professionally, I am a musician, university teacher and author. I am married with three teenage children.

"The Conservative candidate in The Cotswolds voted Leave. The constituency did not. He has been the MP for too long and no longer represents his constituents. It is time for a change. We can choose hope over division."


Mark Huband, the Labour candidate said: "Our country is facing enormous uncertainty, and my role as a candidate and as an MP is to work to prevent the UK from becoming more divided, unstable and unequal.

"Strong and stable leadership means bringing all the people of our country together. Theresa May’s disdain for all who disagree with her, is grossly irresponsible and highly dangerous.

“The Cotswolds voted to remain within the European Union – but millions of moderate, reasonable voices are being ignored by a Tory party dominated by its extremist wing.

"Only the Labour Party can take on the loud, intolerant but influential minority, in the interests of all the people of Britain.

"This means putting education, the NHS, social care and the issues which are today affecting people’s lives, back at the top of the agenda.

“I live in Brimscombe, and have fought in three elections – twice for Stroud District Council and currently for Gloucestershire County Council.”


The UKIP candidate Chris Harlow said: "UKIP’s job is to ensure that the British people get what they voted for last summer – a removal of our country from the malign grip of the European Union.

"That means leaving the EU and its core institutions; it means making all of our laws in Westminster; it means no longer paying for the “privilege” of having a massive trade deficit with the EU; it means taking control of our borders and stopping unrestricted immigration; it means taking our place in the world as a fully-sovereign nation.

“But UKIP is not just about Brexit. We are strongly opposed to the notion of giving 0.7 per cent of GDP in Foreign Aid. "Much of this money is wasted, or given to unaccountable organisations, or mis-applied to states with nuclear capabilities such as India and even North Korea.

"The £13,300,000,000 Foreign Aid budget would be better applied to reducing the deficit, increasing support for Social Care, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, reducing taxation on working people, or improving education and the NHS.

“UKIP would improve support of our veterans. As a result of Blair’s Wars there are numerous ex-servicemen suffering from serious injuries and mental health conditions including PTSD who are reduced to sleeping rough. "We consider it unacceptable that those who have given their all for their country are not better looked-after by those of us they have fought to defend.

“UKIP’s economic policy is designed to be a responsible application of scarce resources – balancing the books just as every family has to."

Green Party candidate Sabrina Poole was unavailable for comment while Sandy Steele declined to comment.