A ROUND-the-world solo cyclist from Moreton is appealing for the return of his bike after it was stolen on Monday evening.

Rob Lutter, 31, who arrived back in the country in early August after a four-year, self-funded 37,000 km ride, has been left devastated after his bike was taken from his father's shed.

He raised more than £6,000 on his ride for a number of charities and went through two bicycles. In Australia in January 2014 he had to replace his first model and it was this Felt 960 29" mountain bike that saw him home over 25,000 km through Australia and America.

"I am really upset because I don't drive and the bike is my only form of transport. I was planning a mini week-long adventure on it around Wales next week and in the future I was thinking of eventually taking it apart and framing the pedals and saddle with the t-shirt I wore and giving it to a charity. I won't now be able to do that either. I have been working on my book since I got back, but I was planning to move away and get work and would use the bike to cycle to and from work.

"There were bits on it too that meant a lot, such as a little bag that had stuff in it such as keyrings and tiny things people had given to me on my travels. I am really sad I've lost them.

"I don't want to sound sorry for myself but I spent all that time cycling in so many different countries and nothing awful ever happened. People were always kind to me. Everything bad that has happened to me has been in this country. The day I got back to London after four years away I had my wallet stolen and while I lived in London I had two bikes stolen; one from a locked compound.

"Maybe who has taken my bike is very poor and desperate for money or some other circumstance but I too was desperate and homeless at times during my ride but I tried to do something positive to get through, rather than stealing. People always helped me and I would work for food and shelter. I don't know what to think about this. All I had was my bike and I would like to have it back," said Rob.

The customised bike is black with red lines and racing bike handles and heavy duty road tyres, a Swab tyre on the front and a Continental on the rear. It has front and rear luggage racks fitted and has Rob's website: roblutter.com in white writing on the cross bar.

"Obviously Rob is devastated as there are many sentimental memories attached to the bike, rather than what it may be actually worth," said his father, Paul.

"It was taken overnight on Monday, September 21, between 9pm and 8am. I saw the shed door was open and thought it was odd. And then we realised the bike was missing. Nothing else has been taken."

Rob attended Chipping Campden School before completing a degree in film and photography and moved to London. His father moved to St Anne's Road, Cheltenham, at the end of July and it was from here Rob's bike was stolen.

After completing his round-the-world ride, Rob continued to use his bike for commuting around the Cotswolds.

Gloucestershire police say no other burglaries have been reported in that area over that evening.

Anyone with information about the theft or has any sightings of the bike is asked to contact Gloucestershire police on 101 quoting incident number 73 of September 22.