NEW Orleans' jazz is to continue resounding around the streets of Chipping Norton.

Every September for the past 17 years a one-day Chippy Jazz and Music Festival has come to town organised by Mike Howes.

Through his organisation the festival grew until his death last year.

In his final illness, the town Rotary Club took over the organisation but competing commitments meant they could not continue.

It seemed the 2015 festival was destined to fold at a loss to the people of Chipping Norton who enjoyed the music, to the charities the event supported.

In July, however, local jazz musician Dave Favis-Mortlock decided that Chippy Jazz must not be allowed to fade away after so many successful years. So with the assistance of other jazz colleagues, he volunteered to organize CJAM 2015. Preparations are now well under way, with over 14 bands booked to play on Sunday September 20.

"Still, the tight timing of this changeover has forced a reduction in the scale of this year's event. We were not able to organize a town hall concert this year, for example," he said.

"But never fear! The music at CJAM 2015 will be better than ever. And if you've been to CJAM before, then you'll know just how warm a welcome to expect, how much great music you will hear, and just much fun you will have! If you haven't been before, then you have a very nice surprise in store"