NORTH Cotswold Community Radio has suffered a setback ahead of its impending launch, losing its base at Little Rissington Business Park.

The web-based radio station is now anxiously hunting for a new headquarters.

Acting chairman Robb Eden, from Moreton, said: "This has knocked the project back by at least eight weeks; we had hoped to start broadcasting early next month. It may even put our funding in jeopardy as we have strict deadlines to meet.

"The funding is staggered and depends on us being on air by the end of March.

"We have a huge variety of programmes lined up and ready to go, including programmes for young people, jazz, documentaries and drama.

"We are just desperate for a base. We need a building that is easily accessible and where we can house the equipment securely."

The station, inspired by the success of Radio Winchcombe, which was set up last year, will be purely web-based to begin with and only accessible via a broadband connection.

Anyone who can offer a base can call Robb on 01608 651802 or email