Rightons of Shipston has been named best local food retailer in the Midlands in a competition run by the Countryside Alliance.

"Wonderful," was how owner Julia Righton reacted when she received the news. "We are very pleased."

The family-run business in Sheep Street, specialising in traditional butchery and all that's best in local food, is only just over a year old.

It has previously won Warwickshire's Tastiest Sausage Award and came third in a Heart of England fine foods competition.

Clare Rowson, who led the judging panel, said of Rightons: "A wonderful welcome and a wonderful atmosphere. I loved it. I also love that this is a family-run business with a friendly feel. There is a simple and dedicated approach to local food."

"Julia cooks everything herself and one customer told me her husband has cancer and is intolerant of many things, so she relies on Julia's cooked items as she knows what she has put into them and whether they will be suitable."

In the Best Shop/Post Office class, Willersey Stores, Willersey, Broadway was highly commended and in the Best Traditional Business another Shipston company, EH Spencer, traditional outfitters, was highly commended.