AN action group which launched a campaign for slower speeds along a notorious Cotswold road a year ago said there is more work to be done.

The North Cotswolds Rural area Against Speeding Harm (No Crash), was set up to combat the excessive speeds of some motorists on the A436 and surrounding villages. The road is one of the busiest in Gloucestershire and claimed the life of Jaclyn Parks, from Blockley, last July.

County councillor Paul Hodgkinson (Bourton and Northleach) who is chairman of the group, said: “Last August we launched this campaign in the face of ongoing concerns from Cotswolds residents over road safety in rural areas.

“Since then we’ve met with the authorities regularly and have lobbied them to take action.

Gloucestershire Highways have been very helpful although there is still a desire for lower speed limits along part of the road.”

A police survey last year found 92,000 vehicles were clocked speeding along the A436 in just one week during October and November with the highest speed of 136mph recorded near Andoversford.

Since the campaign was launched, improvements include the erection of signs to alert drivers they are approaching houses, ‘20 is plenty’ and contact made with lorry companies about drivers exceeding the 40mph limit. But Coun Hodgkinson said the stretch between Bourton and Shipston was a problem. “That’s the stretch where people do complain a lot about very high speeds. We’ve already mentioned that to police. We need some high-profile policing to alert drivers.”

Group secretary Peter Hellyar added: “Those of us who live along the A436 are literally in the firing line of traffic. The initial response from the police was reassuring. The tests they carried out backed up our view that there is a real speeding problem.

“However, we do feel frustrated and what we now need is a visible and high profile speed check campaign by the police which will remind drivers of the speed limit.”