DON’T build a chicken farm and spoil our rural play area is the message from two young campaigners who have joined the fight against the plans.

Grace and Maxim Plowman, both aged 10, have written to Wychavon District Council about their fears over a planned broiler rearing facility which would house 80,000 chickens.

The twins are from Naunton Beauchamp, one of the villages that would potentially be affected by the farm, proposed on a piece of land near Froghall bungalow in Naunton Road, Upton Snodsbury.

In the letter, Grace writes: “I love my home because it’s such a rural area. Which means no busy roads that keep me awake at night! But chickens going ‘cluck cluck cluck’ might keep me awake.

“I am also very happy to have a ford so close to me. I (and my friends) have a den there (by the side of piddle brook). If the chicken farm goes ahead the stinky chicken droppings will get stuck to cause a dam that will stop the fresh water flow which the animals drink.

“So please do the right thing and don’t spoil my childhood’.

Maxim adds: “The chicken farm will spoil the local environment, pollute the waters and damage natural areas of beauty.”

The twins’ parents Claire and Mike Plowman also have concerns. Mrs Plowman said: “Our main worries are the location. We sat the children down to talk to them about it.

There was no doubt they wanted to write the letters.”

Another worried resident, David Pollitt, of Cowsden, said the arrival of the farm would scupper an ambition to open his garden under the National Gardens Scheme.

The 74-year-old said: “If it does go ahead I don’t think I could speak to the NGS.”

Wychavon planning head Giorgio Framalicco said: “We’re considering the planning application and are very aware of public concern.”

A meeting will take place at St Kenelm’s Church, Upton Snodsbury, on Thursday, June 20, from 7.30pm.