PROPOSALS for a 16,000- panel solar energy farm on land just outside Mickleton have left people up in arms.

MS Power Projects has submitted plans for the two-and- a-half metre high solar photovoltaic panels on land at Norton Hall, just off Broad Marston Road.

The plans, which include control buildings, cabling, two-metre high fencing and CCTV, are being considered by Cotswold District Council.

The solar panels, which will be laid out in rows across the 18-and-a-half acre site, are expected to generate up to 3.5 MW of electricity.

Strong objections have already been lodged by the parish council who fear flooding problems.

Colin Maull, whose garden backs on to the site, said he was concerned about the plans after his property narrowly missed being flooded during the recent deluge.

“According to the Environment Agency it’s going to get a lot worse,” said the 68- year-old. “Why do they have to be in the village? There are other places they have been put where they are not surrounded by houses.”

Neighbour Max Wiltshire said: “It’s not been thought through. As a household that backs on to it we’re concerned about the visual impact.”

Larry Mark, development director at MS Power Projects, said: “A third of the field is within flood zones 2 and 3a which are not suitable for development. The development is on flood zone one which is perfectly acceptable to authorities.

“If we feel the site needs to be screened we will do that.

If any residents require further information they should contact me.”